server+DAS -> samba, nfs
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Tamas Papp
2015-02-24 20:19:59 UTC
hi All,

Basically the subject contains everything, what I plan and need advice with.
I read on this list a couple of success stories about similar system

My goal is a server with many SATA HDDs and making it scalable, reliable
and easily manageable.
Actually two (three because they would be replicated to a third one): a
smaller with SSDs and a bigger but slower one with HDDs.

Unfortunately I have no experience with such an equipment. First I want
to make sure, it would satisfy our requirements, so I want setup a pilot
system from stuff from ebay.
However I'm not sure, how much IOPS and throughput we need (that's why I
want to make it scalable). The current system is 5 servers with
glusterfs (5x8 raid6 HDD).
With linux clients it's fine, but windows clients can access it quite
slowly. Also the reliability isn't so good....

The point of the pilot project is the low budget.

Is it good enough? Is it usable only with P800?
As per this page it doesn't support JBOD, is that true (only raid0 per
each drive)?
Can I use it with standard (no HP labeled) SATA drives?

What else option do I have? What do you recommend?

I think the weak point of this plan is network. Currently there is a
simple GE network, although still there are 5 servers and each uses
bonded ifaces, the bandwidth is also distributed.
With a single server it would be a serious issue.
So, what network card and switch would you recommend?


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